In a world with massproduction in fast pace we take pride in small batch production with respect for materials, with high quality and sustainbility as our watchwords. 

We don't see production cost as the main reason for our cohice of producer and country. We want to support the small person who just wants to do good. Who have a passion and a vision  of "together we are strong". At current our products are produced in India, Central African Republic and Sweden. 




Central African Republic (CAR) is a war striked country with a long history of political conflicts and several rebell groups fiighting for CAR's rich natural resources. These conflicts isolate the country and hinder development, with many civilians under starvation as a result. 


Ndara is a privat company founded in 2017. Ndara means "to be skilled" in the national language of CAR. Through steady income, skills training and business development Ndara support the resilience and independence for the local people. For every Ndara item you buy you support and give hope to the strong men and women of CAR who never give up, who fight for their families and who see the joy in the darkness. Ndara help their workers to create better lives for them selves and their families. You can help them tell their story. 

Att växa sig starka tillsammans är exakt vad Lord Stafford och Ndara syftar till att göra genom att samarbeta. Genom att stärka lokalbefolkningen kan vi hjälpa till att ändra berättelsen om Centralafrikanska republiken.


Ndara strongly believes in sustainability and growing slowly. Finding the right people, both for production and for buying. Using locally sourced and recycled materials these men and women create beautiful products buy sowing and braiding.  When possible eco-friendly dyes and raw materials are also used. For creating your pet toys Ndara use residual materials, too small to use for other products. By buying these toys you particularily contribute to minimizing waste and optimize their economic return, giving more money back to the locals. 



In central India, a stone's throw away from the legendary Taj Mahal, lies the city Kanpur. Known as India's leather city. Here cows, hens, people get on well together with cars, richa and motorcycles.  Everyone is on their way somewhere. 

A couple of crossovers away from the most hectic traffic Syed and his family runs their family business. Syed's father founded the company in 2007 and are now passing over to his sons, with the oldest son Syed at the front. His father now is more of a mentor contributing with his knowledge gained from a lifetime of experiences. It is well organized in his factory with stations for each step of the manufacturing process. Leather is bought in from a tannery close by. A tannery founded in 1953 with vegetable tanning process. 

Några kilometer därifrån rinner floden Ganges. Historiskt var detta en viktig resurs för lokalbefolkningen, men nu för tiden kraftigt förorenad. Huvudsakligen på grund av att förorenat avfallsvatten från läderindustrin släpps ut i Ganges direkt, utan rengöring. De flesta garverier i området använder miljöskadliga och ohälsosamma kemikalier. Garveriet som Syed samarbetar med har investerat i ett flertal reningstekniker och infrastruktur för att minimera miljöpåverkan från avfallsvattnet. Vattnet från vegetabilisk garvning är dock fritt från skadliga kemikalier. Garveriet engagerar sig också i utbildning och välfärd genom att de startat och driver en skola och ett sjukhus i området. De är måna om att ge tillbaka till samhället.

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