At Lord Stafford we consider it our responsibility to ensure that the items that we sell are leaving a positive impact on the lives and communities they come in contact with and are not harmfull to our environment. 


Every Lord Stafford item is made using fabrics made from natural or recycled fabrics. Natural fabrics contain less chemicals than synthetic fibers and are made from renewable resources from plants or animals, such as linnen and wool. Here, you will find a few examples of some of the natural fabrics we use in our products and learn more about differens textile's environmental impact. 


There are several methods for tanning leather but not all of them are the right choice for the environment and health. Most leather are tanned using toxic chemicals since this is a much faster and cheaper method.  At Lord Stafford we find health and environment superior to the price, therefore all of our leather products are made of vegetable tanned leather, free from toxic chemicals. 


High quality and long lasting items reduce the pressure on our planet. We only work with high quality materials which stay beautiful after many years of use and manufacturers who perform durable workmanship. Metall fittings are almost exclusively made of solid brass or stainless steel. 

For items to last long it require  the right care.  You can feel safe in how to care for your new item. You find skötselråd on our website and if you don't find the information you are searching for we will be glad to  answer your question. 


We only work with ethical and social responsible manufacturers who have fair working conditions and no child labor. We are currently working together with manufacturers in India, Central African Republic & Sweden.  


We only use the pakage needed to protect you item during transport. All cartons and paper are made from recycled, FSC-certified or other eco-labels. 

All waste produced in our activities are reused or recycled, if possible depending on the waste. 


At Lord Stafford we believe that we stand strong together. Therefore, we donate 5 % of our annual profit to organizations and initiatives that work with projects  we find valuable, such as animal wellfare, poverty and enivronment. Each year we let our followers, our pack, vote for which project or projects to support.